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Welcome to Photosof.com

An image interface for the IPFS & NFT's

  • Upload, Host, Share & Use Decentralized Images stored as NFT's

About Photosof.com

Forget everything you've heard about crypto and non-fungible tokens in the mainstream media, forget about crypto kitties and pixel zombies and bored apes and generative art (000's NFT projects) in general. And rather ask yourself how the underlying technology (micropayments with low fees, decentralized data that can be scaled cheaply, immutable data with a location that never changes, and proof of ownership in the form of a token that can be stored in a digital wallet) can be utilized. That is what Photosof.com is about.


Upload, Store, Share & Monetize images to and from the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).


Publish your images to the universe almost instantaneously and immortalize them as NFT’s. Where they cannot be edited, nor location changed, or deleted.


Photosof.com allows you to easily store, retrieve, display and monetize images stored on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). A decentralized peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. Images uploaded using Photosof.com is not stored on a single server where it is accessible with a URL but on a global namespace where it is accessible through a unique content identifier or CID. This CID is like a fingerprint or barcode and when you enter it into any IPFS gateway your image will be accessible provided it remains pinned to the network.


Upload, store and serve images to and from the IPFS

Profile containing CID and metadata of all your files

Convert any image to an NFT

Use cases

Photosof.com offers multi-purpose IPFS storage for images. Our main business is getting images to and from the IPFS and creating permanent records on the blockchain but our utility is multipurpose. Photographers can use it to store images and create NFT's of their work to prove provenance and ownership and transfer that ownership if they sell the copyright. You can build web3 versions of web2 sites: stock photography, image sharing, image selling, digital asset management, social media. A business model that failed in web2 can be retried in web3 such as payments that involve really small amounts but had high fees due to providers such as PayPal.

Or you can go full web3 and use it to create your own 99 Originals selling picture NFT's of your experiences or travels around the world. You can create your own Treat DAO (NSFW) taking and selling pictures of pretty girls (with their permission). You can take photos of a physical asset, serial number, proof of payment, tokenize it (create a NFT) and transfer that asset with the NFT to another person temporary if they renting or borrowing and need to return it and permanently if they are acquiring it. The possibilities are endless.

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