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Photosof.com is a decentralized image hosting, image sharing, monetization & marketplace platform that allows you to upload, store, host, share & monetize decentralized images.

Think of Photosof.com as another layer on top of decentralized providers allowing you to quickly and easily use, upload, share, sell, monetize, etc.

The Photosof.com Protocol is a set of tools to help you easily upload, display and share images to and from the IPFS. Upload to the IPFS using your own website, mint to Polygon using your own contract and build your own sharing interfaces using our layer which sits on top of the IPFS and Polygon blockchain.

These building blocks start with website shell: content management (if you not building your own website).

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Photosof.com PROTOCOL

The home of Photo NFT's

Storing, Minting, Sharing & Selling Images as NFT's

The components that make up a website. Only use what is required. All components are optional.

Website Content Management (optional)

Component links to IPFS provider and form uploads image with name and description metadata (with optional URL) to IPFS. Operator can set mint fee to earn income to pay for pinning.

Home Page

A front page for your website.

Top-level Pages

About, Contact etc. pages for your website.

Category of posts

A blog-like collection of posts for your website.

Web Components

Header, navigation & footer for your website.


The underlying technology powering the protocol.

IPFS Provider

IPFS provider to host/pin content.

IPFS Gateway

Gateway to serve content to and from the InterPlanetary File System

Web3 Provider

Web3 Provider to read data from the blockchain.


Logging in and out of service.

Metamask Web3

IPFS provider to host/pin content.

Brave Wallet

Brave Wallet is a tool that allows you to buy, store, send, and swap almost any crypto asset & NFT.

Magic Link Email Only Authentication

Email only login system that does not require any passwords at all.

Offchain Username & Password

Stored in database offchain

Uploading, Pinning & Minting

Component links to IPFS provider and form uploads image with name and description metadata (with optional URL) to IPFS. Operator can set mint fee to earn income to pay for pinning.

IPFS Upload Only

Form to upload (& pin) images to the IPFS and store CID's in (offchain) database linked to user. Images can be served from IPFS based on username linked to CID's. Optional: "NFT's from Photosof.com in your wallet"

Demo: www.photosof.com/ipfs

Image Upload || NFT

Upload to IPFS and store CID's in database with optional convert to NFT option. Images are sharable via @username (and wallet if minted as NFT).

Demo: www.photosof.com/backend

Image Upload + NFT

Upload and convert images to NFT's. Adds and image to the IPFS and automatically mints it as an NFT that is stored in your digital wallet. Images are shareable via *walletaddress

Demo: www.photosof.com/upload

NFT Minting

Module to create NFT's from images/metadata.

Image Wallets

Simple display of images in your digital wallet.

Image Wallet

A basic look at all the images in your digital wallet. Wallet module can be used to easily get images from a user's digital wallet such as Metamask.

Demo: www.photosof.com/wallet/0xbF05A46441B7be2b1B2ead218Ee48588dDeEf19c

Profile Details

The profile picture, username, about and URL that accompanies your IPFS images across the network. Can be changed on a wallet by wallet basis.

Offchain Profile

The details are stored in a database on Photosof.com.

Demo: www.photosof.com/profile/0xbF05A46441B7be2b1B2ead218Ee48588dDeEf19c

Onchain Profile

The first NFT that you mint is used for your profile details. The image is the profile picture, name is name and description is about. If choosing this option, this NFT will not show up in your galleries.

Demo: www.photosof.com/profile-onchain/0xbF05A46441B7be2b1B2ead218Ee48588dDeEf19c

Lens Protocol

Lens is a decentralized social network. Integrate an onchain Lens profile linked to their very wallet containing your Photosof.com images into your photo app and take your profile with you wherever you go on the Photosof.com network.

Demo (profile with no Photosof.com images): www.photosof.com/profile-lens/0xcde3725B25D6d9bC78CF0941cC15Fd9710c764b9

Demo (no profile with Photosof.com images): www.photosof.com/profile-lens/0xbF05A46441B7be2b1B2ead218Ee48588dDeEf19c

Public Profile

Module containing all your images, username, about and website or social media URL. Can be IPFS only Profile (CID's stored in a database linked to username). Can serve either IPFS images from CID's or NFT's from wallet. Our convention is to make IPFS data available via @username and NFT's via *walletaddress.

Basic Profile

Images or NFT's displayed in a grid layout with name and description metadata.

Demo: www.photosof.com/0xbF05A46441B7be2b1B2ead218Ee48588dDeEf19c

Profile Gallery

Responsive, accessible, composable, and customizable image gallery.

Demo: Coming soon


Design elements for your profile and gallery.

Interactive Backgrounds for profiles & galleries

Share your image galleries with an interactive background. Various designs to fit your theme.

Particle Demo: www.photosof.com/particle-profile/0xbF05A46441B7be2b1B2ead218Ee48588dDeEf19c

Display & Share

Components to serve images from the IPFS and display it in a custom design and dynamic layouts with option of advertising integration. Can toggle between serving images from a NFT in a wallet or CID's from a database via username.

Image Gallery

Your IPFS images displayed in a transition slider. Various transitions available: basic, scale-out, fold-out, open and fall.

Demo: www.photosof.com/gallery/0xbF05A46441B7be2b1B2ead218Ee48588dDeEf19c

Image Photolog

Your IPFS hosted images and metadata presented as a photo log.

Demo: www.photosof.com/plog/0xbF05A46441B7be2b1B2ead218Ee48588dDeEf19c

Image Slider

Your IPFS images displayed in a fullscreen image slider. Supports name and description IPFS metadata.

Demo: www.photosof.com/slider/0xbF05A46441B7be2b1B2ead218Ee48588dDeEf19c

Image Polaroids

Your IPFS hosted images displayed as polaroids. Supports IPFS name metadata. NFT's in wallet only.

Demo: www.photosof.com/polaroid/0xbF05A46441B7be2b1B2ead218Ee48588dDeEf19c


Components to offer image downloads with option to monetize via selling commercial licenses or ad-supported free downloads.

Image Stock

Stock photo module for IPFS & image NFT downloads.

Demo: Coming soon


Store and retrieve your images to and from the IPFS.

Image DAM (digital asset management)

Module for storing and managing digital content on the IPFS. Great to archive large quantities of images.

Demo: Coming soon


Components to print images NFT's on print-on-demand sites. Option for operator to monetize via license fee or affiliate income (from print-on-demand provider).

Image Print Wallet

Your IPFS, image NFT's & metadata which can be made available (imported and edited) to print-on-demand providers. Includes a print button for those who want to easily print at home. Demo using "meme" template with data pulled directly from NFT's.

Demo: www.photosof.com/printmeme/0xbF05A46441B7be2b1B2ead218Ee48588dDeEf19c

NFT Marketplace

Component to buy & sell NFT's using business model of choice.

Image Marketplace

Marketplace to buy and sell images and image rights as NFT's.

Demo: www.photosof.com/marketplace


Review NFT's being minted on your contract. And images uploaded to the IPFS.

Image Moderation Stream

Shows all NFT's from contract so owner can take steps to unpin illegal content.

Demo: www.photosof.com/stream/

Offchain Moderation

Shows all images uploaded to the IPFS on your website (CID's are stored in a database) so owner can take steps to unpin illegal content.

Demo: www.photosof.com/stream/


Configure settings on website.

Offchain Settings Page

Allow members to upload profile pictures, usernames, about and website URL's to their profiles.

Demo: www.photosof.com/settings/

Onchain Settings Page with NFT profile

Allow members to add NFT as profile pictures, usernames, about and website URL's to their profiles.

Demo: Coming soon

Lens Creation Page / Add Lens decentralized profile

Allow members to mint/add an onchain Lens Protocol profile linked to your Photosof.com images, including profile picture, cover image, username, bio, location and website URL's to their profiles.

Demo: Coming soon

Error Page

Component to automatically publish a picture of a missing person on every ‘page not found’ of your website.


Turns your "page not found" error into a page devoted to helping find missing people.

Demo: www.photosof.com/404/

Smart Contracts

The contracts that power NFT creation and selling on your application.

Standard NFT Contract

Allow members to upload profile pictures, usernames, about and website URL's to their profiles.

Demo: www.photosof.com/backend/

Standard Marketplace Contract

Allow members to add NFT as profile pictures, usernames, about and website URL's to their profiles.

Demo: www.photosof.com/backend/


How to use modules/components together to achieve your goal.

Decentralized image host with no web3 bells and whistles (wallets & nfts)

What it is: A website that does not store images on a centralized server. (Offchain with decentralized images)

What you need: Logins: Username & Password, Uploading, Pinning & Minting: IPFS Upload Only, Profile Details: Offchain Profile & Any Display Module with IPFS option (not NFT) enabled.


How Photosof.com Protocol is being used.

NFT Slider (Mumbai Testnet)

Create & Share beautiful fullscreen image gallery websites hosted on the interplanetary file system.

Modules Used

Website Content Management: Home page

Technical: IPFS Provider: Pinata, IPFS Gateway: Pinata, Web3 Provider: Moralis

Uploading, Pinning & Minting: Image Upload + NFT (form)

Profile Details: Onchain Profile

Display & Share: Image Slider

Smart Contracts: Standard NFT Contract

Demo: nftslider.vercel.app

Your Photosof.com stack would look as follows:

Photosof / About / Guides / Docs / Contact